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Florina, Greece (May 24 2014). The house where the opening wedding and subsequent scenes from Theo Angelopoulos’ movie “The Beekeper” (1986), with Marcello Mastroianni, were shot.

What Theo [Angelopoulos] teaches is that remembering is a creative act–one of conjuring images, auras, features, and that in this process we develop the textures of our memories. These textures help us trace associations we have made so that we can map a constellation of our past(s). Moods, whether historical or personal, tremendously influence this process, layering and wrapping around our memories, concealing certain perspectives while emphasizing others. It is therefore not a question of “the past as it was” versus a falsification caused by remembering “biasedly”; that is to say, if we peel away the layers of remembering we will not have reached some fundamental, basic truth about the past. On the contrary, the more we peel the closer we approach the void.